Azle: I’m (a PTSD survivor work in progress) going places!

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Azle: I’m (a PTSD survivor work in progress) going places!

Sometimes you just gotta make a bloody list. I wish it were as fun as a splash out up in London or an online unlimited spend with Toast… ho hum. Nope, this is me trying to make a list of how to get back on track, to get my mind re-focused. I recently had a harrowing week away abroad on holiday staying with friends of my husband who had no idea how to interact and live in the same space as somoneone who has CPTSD or ASD, plus all my irritating dietary requirements and allergies that complete my beautiful wierdo package. ‘Own it bitch’… I should have said to myself. Too late now. Oh well… next time maybe.

ME. Be ME.


How about some defining categories and prioritising them accordingly:

  1. Health – mental and physical, has to be number 1!
  2. Stability – roof over one’s head, clothes on my back and food in my belly
  3. Family (partner and children) – source of giving and taking LOVE, NURTURE, KINDNESS, VALUE, PURPOSE, HAPPINESS, GROWTH
  4. Friendships – SAFE friendships that take you for who you are, are there for you (and you them), don’t trigger you, watch out for you, caring and generous, the ones you can see yourselves still hanging out when you’re in you’re an octogenerian
  5. Planning/Time management – absolute necessity for anyone with CPTSD/PTSD and/or ASD and thus the only route to keeping control, avoiding self-harming behaviours, and to feeling happy about life in the present and the future
  6. Goals – these need to be set for myself and those to whom I have a responsibility for (i.e. the children) and they need to be visible so I don’t loose track of what is important… need to stop stagnation and get back to high achiever normality
  7. Community – yuk for my messy brain, but necessary (and can be rewarding), whether it’s making sure I attend as many of the school functions and meetings as I can or showing support at local events

Magic and mystical 7.

Right, I’m going to get another coffe and start having some fun now putting my categories to the test. Ciao.

Azle: I’m (a PTSD survivor work in progress) going places! (c) 2019 Laura Devlin

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