PTSD and Lack of Sleep in Azle: a Few Tips to Help you Manage

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PTSD and Lack of Sleep in Azle

Nightmares and insomnia are both included in the diagnostic criteria for PTSD. So sleep is a bit of an issue for so many of us. If you’re dealing with PTSD in Azle, sleepless nights happen–you know they are going to happen, so there are a few things you can do to help you manage yourself when they do.

So what do you what do you do?

  1. Know that it’s going to happen (don’t get mad, just have a plan).
  2. Keep a list of things for yourself to work on or do if you’re having a bad night. These should be things that get you “out of your own head” and into something positive.
  3. Go to the gym.
  4. Read a book.

Sometimes just having a plan really helps.

If you haven’t already, check out my book #dealwithit: Living Well with PTSD. My wife and I talk about these and other management tools extensively there, or visit our website, for more articles and videos.